Market Trends

The sun supplies more than enough energy, therefore the full potential of photovoltaics has not been exhausted by far as yet. The key to utilize this is in the development of more effective and versatile module technologies which are even more efficient and able to use the potential of solar electricity on a large scale

These are the technologies of the future that we deal with.

  • Bifacial Modules
    • Bifacial modules use the direct radiation of the sunlight and the reflected sun radiation from the bright background to produce energy.
      This type of PV modules need transparent weatherproof backsheets. ISOVOLTAIC is working on a composite film that is especially suitable for this future technology.
  • Reflection
    • A PV modules should make the best possible use of the radiated sunlight. By using backsheets that have a high reflection, it is possible to convert sunlight that is being reflected from the backsheet between the cells into energy. Like this the efficiency of the module can be increased. ISOVOLTAIC is developing backsheets with a reflection of >90% to enable highest efficiency rates for the modules equipped with them.
  • Integrated backsheets
    • Usually when producing a PV module a layer encapsulant and a backsheet are applied to the solar cell. This is processed in a vacuum laminator. Combining the encapsulant with the backsheet makes the handling easier for the customer. ISOVOLTAIC is working on new encapsulant films that can be delivered to the customer in combination with the ICOSOLAR® backsheet. As the films are being optimally matched, these composites show excellent performance during application.
  • Low WVTR
    • In PV modules with EVA as encapsulant high water vapour permeability of PV backsheets result in an increased acetic acid formation. A high acetic acid concentration leads to corrosion of solar cells and cell connectors within the PV module. ISOVOLTAIC is developing backsheets and encapsulant films with a low water vapour permeability to enable longer module life time.
  • Matt Backsheets
    • On smooth surface every unevenness and pressmark from lamination process can be seen quite easily on the back of the module. At the moment, it is being worked on the development of a matt outer surface of ICOSOLAR® backsheets. This would optically compensate any unevenness on the backsheet and give the solar module a homogeneous appearance.
  • New backsheet ICOSOLAR® CPO 3G to be launched at Intersolar Europe

    A revolutionary co-extruded polypropylene backsheet

  • ISOVOLTAIC at the Renewable Energy India Expo in Greater Noida

    Visit us at the Renewable Energy India Expo in Greater Noida September 20th- 22th, 2017

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